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Prayer Diary

Whether you are a devoted parishioner, a visitor seeking spiritual nourishment, or a fellow member of the clergy, this Prayer Diary serves as a source of inspiration and connection. As we share our thoughts, joys, and burdens in prayer, we grow together as a supportive community, weaving threads of hope and compassion throughout our beloved diocese.

Here, you will find the rhythm of prayer – daily, weekly, and monthly prompts that guide our hearts and minds towards deeper contemplation. From uplifting praise to fervent supplications, each prayerful entry serves as a beacon of light, illuminating the path of faith and unity in the Diocese of Cape Town.

Vision Statement

To be a community rooted in the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ, which brings God’s healing, wholeness and hope to a broken and wounded world, with joy and compassion.

Our Values

Transformation & Renewal

Seeking renewal and transformation as Anglicans, together with the wider church.


Welcoming all, especially the lost and outcast.

liturgy & worship

Exploring our different expressions of joyful and glorious worship.


Leading people of all ages to a personal encounter with the crucified, risen and ascended Lord.


archbishop's blog

bishop joshua louw’s

Young People's Ministry

Unity, Empowerment & Holistical Transformation

Youth Empowered, Grace in Action, Embracing Ubuntu.

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