Guild of the Servants of the Sanctuary

Welcome to the Guild of the Servants of the Sanctuary, a devoted and revered community within the Anglican Diocese of Cape Town. We are a group of dedicated individuals who play an essential role in enhancing the worship experience by serving on the altar.

Our mission is to uphold the sanctity and reverence of the sanctuary, ensuring that worship services are conducted with grace, precision, and a deep sense of devotion. We understand the profound significance of our duties, which include assisting in the Eucharist and creating an atmosphere that fosters spiritual connection.

The Guild of the Servants of the Sanctuary is a place where individuals who serve on the altar can find spiritual enrichment, camaraderie, and a deep sense of purpose. We strive to excel in our roles, continually deepening our understanding of the liturgy, and contributing to the spiritual growth of our congregation.


Canon Nobuntu Mageza
Tel: +27 21 637 5426


Mr. Gregory Coetzee  
Email: [email protected]

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