Mothers Union

Welcome to the Mothers’ Union, a cherished and vital part of the Anglican Diocese of Cape Town. We are a community of women who come together to provide support, service, and spiritual enrichment to our members and the wider community.

Our mission is to empower and uplift women through faith, fellowship, and acts of compassion. The Mothers’ Union is committed to creating a space where women can nurture their faith, form lasting connections, and serve those in need with love and dedication.

The Mothers’ Union is an organization where women from all walks of life, whether mothers, daughters, or grandmothers, can find camaraderie and share the joys and challenges of life. We engage in various activities, including prayer groups, outreach projects, and educational initiatives, all designed to foster spiritual growth and a sense of unity.


The Revd Christine De Stadler


+27 83 286 0470

Mrs Zandile Mcutshenge


+27 82 419 7072

Samantha Adams


+27 00 000 0000

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