Bernard Mizeki Guild

The Bernard Mizeki Guild is a community of Anglican Church members who are dedicated to spreading the Gospel and promoting Christian values in their local communities. With a focus on spiritual growth and service to others, the guild provides opportunities for members to deepen their faith through regular prayer and worship services, Bible study classes, and outreach programs. The guild also offers various training programs to equip members with the necessary tools and skills needed for effective evangelism and community engagement. As a respected and trusted organization, the Bernard Mizeki Guild plays an important role in enhancing the spiritual wellbeing of its members and the wider Anglican community. Joining the guild is a meaningful way for individuals to connect with like-minded individuals and make a positive impact in their communities.


The Ven Moeketsi Mototjane


+27 73 025 4188

The Revd Canon Zwelibazi Antoni


+27 00 000 0000

Mr Ngubo Lubelwana


+27 79 510 338

Mr Njongo Siyengo

Deputy Secretary

+27 83 671 3965

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