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Bishop Joshua Louw’s Column – Jan 2024

Dear friends

Christmas season greetings to you all.

We thank God for His eternal presence during 2023. We have experienced times of pain, loss, bereavement, failures, joys, successes and so many more. It is through the grace of God that we are still standing strongly.

The New Year is upon us and may we be filled with new energy, hope, opportunities and great expectations that 2024 will be a wonderful year for all of us.

Some activities that we can look forward to are our National and Provincial Government Elections, Diocesan Mission Season (Easter to Pentecost), Diocesan Synod (13-15 June) and ACSA Synod (25-27 September).

1. National elections 2024:

I want to encourage everyone to make sure that you are registered for this important Provincial and National election. At this point it is not important to discuss whom to vote for but to make sure that you don’t lose out in exercising your democratic right to vote. Please register online: https://registertovote.elections.org.za/voter-online-registration/overview or wait for the announcement of the next voter registration date.

2. Diocesan Synod 13-15 June 2024:

This is the highest decision-making body in our diocese, which happens every 3 years and your prayers are imperative for this event.

Please discuss in your parish and archdeaconry meetings any matters that will assist in the growth of our diocese. Make sure that you elect your parish representatives at your next vestry (they are normally 2 adults male and female and 1 Youth 18-25 years old). More information will come soon.

3. Diocesan Mission 2024:

We are very aware of the impact that Covid -19 still has on the growth of our congregations in so many ways. One of the initiatives to enhance growth for our diocese is to declare the Great 50 days between Easter and Pentecost as our Mission Season. Pentecost Sunday will be the culmination of this season and the intention is to have a Diocesan Thanksgiving service then. I have appointed Revd Shaun Cozett as the convenor of our Mission Season. We will soon announce the team that will be working with him, but if you have any suggestions, do not hesitate to contact him.

Archdeacon Reeva Mulder will be instituted as the rector of All Saints, Plumstead, on Saturday, 3 February 2024 at 2pm. Please come and support.

I want to wish you all a Christ-filled and prosperous 2024 and I am looking forward to us working together to further Christ’s kingdom in this diocese, country and beyond.


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